AIBOO 12V Under Cabinet Light LED Puck Lights Wireless Downlight Spotlights LED Kitchen Lighting 6 Lights


$31 $61.20
@ BRIGHT & ENERGY SAVING: 8 high power LED puck lights giving out about 1600 lumen output; each LED cabinet light to replace 25W incandescent fluorescent halogen lamp.
@ WIRELESS DIMMABLE: by using the RF remote control, the lights can be dimming from 0% to 100% easily and conveniently.
@ SAFE & SECURE: AC to DC12V adapter makes the under or above counter LED lights safe for touching.
@ PLUG & PLAY: All accessories included, the lighting kit has already been able to install easily, either by screw or adhesive tapes.
@ LONG LIFE & VISIBLE. The under cabinet LED puck lights adapt high quality low profile aluminum alloy material, providing a very long lifespan, also visible after installing under the cabinet.


Puck Light Size: Diameter: 2.3 inch, Height: 0.31 inch
Cable Length of Puck Light: 5 feet
Replacement of Halogen Cabinet Light: 25 watts each lamp
Power Consumption: 1.8-2.0 watts per lamp
Material: Aluminum alloy + acrylic
Lumen Output: 180-200 lumen per lamp
Light Color: Warm white or cold white

SAFE TO USE: UL listed power plug, 12Vdc output.
EASY TO INSTALL: You can either use 3M adhesive tapes or screws to install in wherever it fits.
ENERGY SAVING: 2W LED is to replace 25W halogen under cabinet puck lights, >90% electricity bill saving.
LOW PROFILE PUCK LIGHTS: Only 0.31 inch of height, it is almost invisible after installing the slim puck lights under the cabinet.
WIRELESS CONTROL DIMMABLE: By using the RF remote control, the puck lights can be used for dimming from 0% to 100%. You can control the lights freely, no need to change the dimming setting again next time, no need to aim at the receiver, no worries of the receiver hidden on the back of the cabinet.
MULTIPLE SETS WORKING TOGETHER: Many sets of lights can be working together at the same time by using only 1 remote control. And they can also be working separately by setting the remote controller non-synchronized.

6 x LED under cabinet puck light
1 x distributor
1 x power plug
1 x remote control + LED controller
6 x 3M adhesive tapes
12 x screws

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