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@ BRIGHT & ENERGY SAVING: 8 high power LED puck lights giving out about 1600 lumen output; each LED cabinet light to replace 25W incandescent fluorescent halogen lamp.
@ WIRELESS DIMMABLE: by using the RF remote control, the lights can be dimming from 0% to 100% easily and conveniently.
@ SAFE & SECURE: AC to DC12V adapter makes the under or above counter LED lights safe for touching.
@ PLUG & PLAY: All accessories included, the lighting kit has already been able to install easily, either by screw or adhesive tapes.
@ LONG LIFE & VISIBLE. The under cabinet LED puck lights adapt high quality low profile aluminum alloy material, providing a very long lifespan, also visible after installing under the cabinet.


Puck Light Size: Diameter: 2.3 inch, Height: 0.31 inch
Cable Length of Puck Light: 5 feet
Replacement of Halogen Cabinet Light: 25 watts each lamp
Power Consumption: 1.8-2.0 watts per lamp
Material: Aluminum alloy + acrylic
Lumen Output: 180-200 lumen per lamp
Light Color: Warm white or cold white

SAFE TO USE: UL listed power plug, 12Vdc output.
EASY TO INSTALL: You can either use 3M adhesive tapes or screws to install in wherever it fits.
ENERGY SAVING: 2W LED is to replace 25W halogen under cabinet puck lights, >90% electricity bill saving.
LOW PROFILE PUCK LIGHTS: Only 0.31 inch of height, it is almost invisible after installing the slim puck lights under the cabinet.
WIRELESS CONTROL DIMMABLE: By using the RF remote control, the puck lights can be used for dimming from 0% to 100%. You can control the lights freely, no need to change the dimming setting again next time, no need to aim at the receiver, no worries of the receiver hidden on the back of the cabinet.
MULTIPLE SETS WORKING TOGETHER: Many sets of lights can be working together at the same time by using only 1 remote control. And they can also be working separately by setting the remote controller non-synchronized.

6 x LED under cabinet puck light
1 x distributor
1 x power plug
1 x remote control + LED controller
6 x 3M adhesive tapes
12 x screws
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--4 high power LED puck lights giving out about 800 lumen high output, each cabinet light to replace 25W halogen puck light

--You may connect or disconnect the controller if you want dim the cabinet lights or not, by using the wireless dimmable remote control, the under cabinet lighting can be use for different applications easily.

--AC100/240V to DC12V adapter makes sure the under cabinet lights set are very safe for touching.

--The under cabinet lights are made of aluminum alloy, providing excellent heat dissipation and longer lifespan.

--4 cabinet LED lights + distributor + remote controller+ power plug, all accessory included. Widely used as gun light, counter lights, closet light anywhere is under light.


Update your kitchen, closet, shelf with our low cost and low power consumption cabinet lighting kit. 30,000 hrs long lifespan, Small investment makes huge difference! 

Under Cabinet LED Lights Features: 
Color : Warm white 2700K

Daylight white 6000K
Energy-saving: save up to 90% energy saving, replacement of 4 x 25W halogen, incandescent or fluorescent lamps.
Input Voltage: AC110-240V 
Operation Voltage: DC12V
Power: 2W per puck lights (8W in total)
 Lumen Output: 700lm
CRI: >80
Installation: installed by adhesive tapes or screws according to requirements
Package Size: 15*15*6cm
Shipping Weight: 450g

Suitable for household and residential application like kitchen, under counter, closet, wardrobes, cupboards, dresser, gun cabinet, desk, table, drinks(liquor) cabinet, wine racks, wine cellars, gun safe lights etc. 

Package Included: 
Adapter (X1): AC110V to DC12V, cable length: 80 inches (2 meter)
LED Puck Light (X4): 4pcs round cabinet LED lights with 60 inches cable
4 in 1 Distributor (X1): cable length: 40 inches
RF Remote and Controller: (X1)
3M adhesive tapes: (X4)

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  • @ TOUCH DIMMABLE SWITCH LED UNDER CABINET LIGHT: making 0-100% dimming function easily.
  • @ SAFE AND SECURE: power adapter wall plug, 12Vdc output.
  • @ INVISIBLE LOW PROFILE DESIGN: 2.3inch * 0.3inch flat puck light, almost invisible under the cabinets until turned on.
  • @ 90% ENERGY SAVING: 2W LED under counter puck light replaces 25W halogen fluorescent or incandescent lamp, less heat production.
  • @ EASY INSTALLATION: all accessories included, can be installed by screws or 3M adhesive tapes.



@ High brightness & Good quality of light 
200lm per LED puck light
Power of each cabinet light: 2W
Warm white or cold white color for option.

@ Flexible to install and 'Plug and Play'
All necessary accessories included. 3M adhesive tapes and screws are provided for simple installations: 
LED puck light x 8
8 in 1 distributor x 1
Power wall plug x 1
Touch dimmer switch x 1
3M adhesive tape x 8
Screw x 16

@ Dimmable - Long press for dimming
With a handy dimmable touch switch, the lights can be easily turned on and off and dimmable.

@ Invisible
Low profile aluminum alloy lamp shell which makes the puck light can hardly been inspected after installation until turned on.

@ Multi-functional usage
Suitable for household and residential application like kitchen, under counter, closet, wardrobes, cupboards, dresser, wall, ceiling, cabinet, desk, bed, table, drinks(liquor) cabinet, wine racks, wine cellars, bar counter, TV cabinets, china cabinets, etc. 

@ Energy saving
Each LED puck light = 25W halogen fluorescent lamp replacement.

@ Safe and secure
Power adapter, 100-240Vac input, 12Vdc output, safe for touching.

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AIBOO Wireless 12V LED Under Cabinet Lighting Dimmable with RF Remote Controller, LED Puck Lights, for Kitchen Closet Counter Lighting

 ---Safe to use. The under cabinet lighting working voltage is 12V DC, touchable and safe for  children.
---With 10 levels brightness levels, RF wireless controller and adapter included.
---Splitter box can connect up to 12v led puck lights, 5ft length power cord of each lamp, 6.7ft length adapter DC wire.
---The LED cabinet lighting comes with 3M adhesive tape, Screw-free, Protecting your furnitures and easy installation.
---Ideal Solution for kitchen lighting,Ultra-thin fashion, aluminum shell. Eco-Friendly. Flood beam angle 120°.


Product Description

Dimmable LED kitchen under cabinet lighting. Controlled by RF remote controller (included) Save electricity bill. 2W LED Under Cabinet Light replaces 20W G4 Halogen cabinet light.
Flexible to use the puck lights can be connected together or used separately. Ultra Thin kitchen lighting. Also suitable for narrow under cabinet sections.
The cabinet light can be dimmable or non-dimmable when you connect the led cabinet lighting with or without the dimmer.

LED Under Cabinet Light Product Features:
Color temp: Warm white2700K, Daylight white 6000K

Convenient:3M Adhesive tape can support more DIY designs. 
Safety: CE, RoHS, GS listed adapter. 
Energy-saving: save up to 85% energy. 
Long life span: 40000 hours. 
RF remote controller:
Battery: 3V, type CR2025
Controller distance:10m

Under Cabinet light:
Input:DC12V Power: 2W per lamp (12W in total)
Lumen: 1200LM
CRI: >80
Size: D58*H8mm

Suitable for commercial and residential application like window, wall, ceiling, cabinet, desk, bed, table, back of TV, computer, etc. 

Installation Instruction: 
1. Connect LED controller with cabinet lamps
2. Connect power adaptor with LED controller
3. The remote controller is used alone



8 Packs cabinet light Included: 
Adapter (X1): Input:100-240Vac, Output:12V, 1.5A with 6.7 ft cable

Controller(X1) 11-key RF wireless remote controller (the Remote controller uses a CR2025 battery)
LED Puck Light (X8): 8pcs round cake LED lamps with 6.7ft cable, round cake shape with adhesive tape.
3M Adhesive Tape Sticker: (X8)

8 in 1 Distributor (X1): cable length: 40 inches (1 meter)

Extension Cable Cord: (X2)

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