RGBWW LED Strip Light WiFi Controller Dimmer ESP8266 Chipset Module (Android WLAN Control)
RGBWW LED Strip Light WiFi Controller Dimmer ESP8266 Chipset Module (Android WLAN Control)

RGBWW LED Strip Light WiFi Controller Dimmer ESP8266 Chipset Module (Android WLAN Control)

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Click here to download: RGBWW LED Dimmer APK

download and install the APK to your Android devices.


H801WiFi communicates with Android mobile phones through WiFi to achieve dimming function. The router can be set as an access point, you can connect your phone and H801WiFi to the same router. Once the phone and H801WiFi are connected to the same router, you can also set H801WiFi as a wireless access point so that another H801WiFi can connect to it, by this way, multiple H801WiFi can be connected wirelessly to prolong control distance and increase the number of controllers.


Connect and control RGB lamps easily by ‘LED Dimmer’.
Output RGBWW, 5 routes PWM data.
Refresh frequency is 500HZ.
Support 802.11 b/g/n.
Fast transmission, response sensitive.
H801WiFi can be controlled separately.
H801WiFi can be contolled by multi phones simultaneously.
Built-in dozens of lighting effects.

Operation Instruction

Connect the phone to H801WiFi


Step 1 : Power on H801WiFi, install ‘LED Dimmer’ and create shortcut

Duplicate LEDDimmer.apk to phone and click to install, long press the icon and drag it to home screen.


Step 2 : Turn on WiFi

Power on H801WiFi, click phone pull-down menu, click settings, turn on WLAN, then choose and click ‘HCX_******’, password is ‘88888888’, enter password and click connect.



The pop-up icon indicates WiFi is connected.


Step 3: Run LED Dimmer

Click LED Dimmer, pops up the following operation interface,slide on color wheel, the light be changed with the color accordingly. Click the button in the middle, the lights will be off.


Click the effect selection dialog, there are many effects for choosing.


Click menu-Color Rod to set the brightness of each color and playing speed.


Step4 : Connect to the router


If you require your phone to control the lights and surf the internet at the same time, you must connect H801WIFI to the router. Please follow the procedures:

  1. Install LEDDimmer.apk, and turn on WIFI.
  2. Click on menu– ‘Router’, click ‘WLAN AP’, choose the right router, and enter password, then click ‘link’. All H801WIFI that can communicate with the phone has been connected to the outer. Connect your phone to router too, after connection, your phone can both surf the internet and control H801WIFI.


Product Display




Connection Diagram



Input Voltage : DC5V–24V
Power Consumption
 : 0.5W
Dimension : 93mm x 46mm x 20mm
Output : 5 routes PWM, each route 4A

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