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  • Wattage: 5W
  • Portable lamp, disinfect anytime and anywhere
  • One-click disinfection table lamp can be sterilized the small corner, without color and odor.
  • Efficient capacity:2000mAH battery
  • Instant start: Pressing switch can be proceeded the disinfection function immediately. Without waiting. Convenience and safety
  • Apply the UAV-grade aerodynamic system to achieve the function of air circulation disinfection, and raise the disinfection efficiency. Whilst reducing ozone flavour in disinfection area.
  • Applications:

Mobile phone, earphone, public tableware, public transport seats, hotel supplies, office supplies, toiletry, underwear, shoes and hats.



Input power(W)


Charge voltage(V)


Charge current


Battery capacity


Power factor(PF)


Standard charge time

About 2.5h

Insulation grade

Class Ⅲ

Tube type






Tube specification

Ø4*100,U shape cold cathode



Portable lamp with sterilize function, kill mites

Fan deodorization


Control mode

Press switch

Main material


Lamp size(mm)

Ø39*195(excluding base)   60*60*199(including base

Net weight(g)


Temperature of Charging


Working temperature




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UVC Ultraviolet Sterilizing lamp UV Disinfection night Light Timer High Ozone Germicidal lighting Remote ControlLiving Room

UVC Ultraviolet Sterilizing lamp UV Disinfection night Light Timer High Ozone Germicidal lighting Remote ControlLiving Room
●Functions and Features
It is a 253.7m UV disinfection and sterilization and LED night light function dual-use product. It can meet your requirements for environmental sterilization and disinfection and LED lighting dual-use.
253.7nm UV transmittance≥98%                                             
UV output exceeds 50% of other industry products
●Quartz tube coating treatment, ultraviolet light decay during working life is only 8-15
Lamp switch life test≥10000 times
●Time taken for killing bacteria and viruses<02-1s
Time taken for the elimination of mold spores<02-4S
Time taken for killing algae<1-38S
●Lamp size:145mm*145mm*305mm
Weight: About 400G
Material:APS Anti-UVC
Sterilization power:20W
LEDNight light power:5w
Sterilization lamp wavelength:253.NM
1. Press the red switch on the lamp body for the first time means the LED night light is on
2. Press the switch twice, the LED night light will flash for 6 seconds, indicating that the sterilization lamp function is turned on, and it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes, meaning the sterilization is completed
3. Press the switch for the third time to close all functions
There is a delay opening function, which can make the lamb open with a delay of 6 seconds
Remote control function and touch switch function are synchronized
Power-on method: US 110V and European 220V
Applicable area: 15 square
Recommended working time: 15-40 minutes
●Remote control function as shown:(without battery)
1.The red bottom is the switch,
2.The button of the light bulb sign indicates that the night light is turned on, 15/20/30/40 are the sterilization timing.
Remote control common model: MT6344 products
A single remote control can control multiple products
1. It is strictly forbidden to put the product near flammable and explosive materials during installation and use.
2. Keep away from curtains or similar items when use to prevent fire. In order to prolong the service life of the lamp, do not use the ultraviolet lamp too frequently.
3. When using ultraviolet lamps for sterilization and disinfection, the use time should not be over 40 minutes.
4. Ultraviolet rays have a strong killing effect on bacteria and viruses, however, ultraviolet rays are also harmful to humans and animals, please leave after opening the sterilization lamp
5. Ozone can kill places without ultraviolet light to achieve sterilization without dead ends. Please open the window to ventilate to ensure that all the flavors are dispersed before entering the house.
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Portable USB Rechargeable UV Ultraviolet Lamp Germicidal Disinfection Light Bulb Ozone Quartz Led Light For Home Clean Air

Disinfection Lamp Manual:

The Disinfection lamp achieves the purpose of 
by targeting the DNA of microbes, damaging the DNA structure 
and preventing their reproduction. It kills Candida albicans, 
Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and other germs 
and viruses. This device provides Disinfection and air purification 
for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, 
and other small space.
Product dimension: 56*56*125mm 
Package dimension: 7.6*7.6*14.8cm 
Rated voltage: DC 3.7v 
Timer options: button for 30 minutes lighting 
Charging voltage: DC 5.0v 
Rated power: 3.8w 
UV tube serving time: 30000H
II How to use.
1. Long press the power button for 3 seconds, light will be switched
on after a delay of 28 seconds. The blue delay indicate light will
be flashing during the 28 seconds, after which lamp will start
working and the indicate light will be turned on. The disinfection
lamp will turn off automatically after 30 minutes.
2. When the lamp is working, short press the power button will turn
off light immediately.
How to charge
1. This device is powered by rechargeable 3.7v lithium battery, and
can be charged by regular phone charger;
2. During charging, the color of indicate light will be red, and it turns
green when fully charged;
3. Approximately 120 minutes required for the battery to be fully
charged in a single cycle
The Warning when use the UVC/UV bulb:
1. Because the UV-C ray will hurt eyes and skin, so please do n’t look at the working bulb.
2. Ultraviolet rays can kill organic cells. Do not long-term exposure to pets and plants.
3. Prevent children from playing and touching.

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