12X1W Mini Led Downlights,Linkable and Traic Dimmable

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Linkable recesssed under cabinet lights provides 2 flexible ways of connection: series connection and parallel connections, extremly flexible to use.
90-130Vac triac dimmable driver provided, can work with existing triac dimmable LED wall switch.
Output DC12V makes sure the under cabinet lights set are very safe for touching.
The under cabinet lamps are made of aluminum alloy, not plastic, providing excellent heat dissipation and longer lifespan.
2 different light colors for option: warm white is soft and comfortable for eyes; day white is brighter for ilumination.


Product Description

12X1W Mini Led Downlights,Linkable and Traic Dimmable

LED Under Cabinet Lights Direct Wired Linkable Kit 12V Recessed Mini Downlights with 110V Triac Dimable Driver for Furniture Lighting

Product description

This set of lights can be self linking, which means they can be connected in both ways: series connection and parallel connections. Each mini led spotlight has a pair of connectors, one is male, the other is female. And each connector cable is 15.8 inches (40cm) long. In this way, All puck lights can be connected to each other, linked one by one. Also, there will be a 4 in 1 distributor, makes the lights can be connected from 4 directions in maximum.

Triac Dimmable and Linkable Recessed Under Cabinet LED Puck Lights Kit Features: 

Color Option: Warm white(2800K-3200K), Day white(5500K-6500K). 
Energy-saving: save up to 90% energy saving, replacement of 10W halogen, incandescent or fluorescent lamps.
Input: 90V to 130V
Output: Output: 12V/1A, 12W
Power: 1W per lamp
Lumen Output: 100lm per lamp
CRI: >80
Beam Angle: 90-120 flood beam
Lamp Size: D20*25mm
Cut out: 15mm
Material: Aluminum alloy


Suitable for household and residential application like kitchen, under counter, cupboard, stair, step, bookshelf, closet, wardrobes, cupboards, dresser, wall, ceiling, cabinet, desk, bed, table, drinks(liquor) cabinet, wine racks, wine cellars, bar counter etc. 

Package Included: 
Transformer: triac dimmable LED driver
Recessed mini LED Puck Light: X12
male-female connectors, with 31.5 inches (80cm) cable cord
4 in 1 Distributor: X1

Additional Information


3000K Warmwhite, 6000K Coolwhite

Body Material



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