48″ Red White LED Light Bar for Pickup Backup Brake Turn Signal Light

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  • Five-Functions:Red for Running&Parking,Turn signal and Brake,White for Reverse and Start car Tips
  • Perfect Bright: 2835 super bright Korea LED source,waking up the drunks and texters behind you
  • High Quality: Epoxy process designed refuse moisture for long-term use,IP65 waterproof,fuse overload protection
  • Easy Install: Mounts easily with high quality 3M automotive adhesive,plug the lights into your trailer light plug and it just works
  • Widely Use: Completely compatible with most Cars,Trucks,Pickup,SUV,Dodge Ram,GMC,Ford, RV,VAN,Trailers,Ford,Chevy,etc

In stock


Product Description

Integrating Turn Siggal, Brake, DRL Daytime Running Light 150cm Flexible Waterproof 12V LED Strip for Truck Trackor Lorry Pickup Van




This is a flexible waterproof led strip tape, this is rake light, this is turn signal lamp, this is also DRL daytime running light. This is a multifunctionable and highly integrated vehicle light specially designed for pickup, truck, lorry, trackor, vans etc.


Product Name: Turn signal lamp, brake light, DRL light

Input Voltage: 12VDC

Power: 10W

Light Source: high quality SMD 2835 leds

Quantity of LEDs: 48 red + 24 white leds (72 leds)

Waterproof: yes

Beam Angle: 180 degree

Size: L151*W14*H6.5cm (60inch length)

Connection Wires: 5 wires

Lighting Effects: 4: turn left, turn right, braking, daytime running

Applicable Car Brands: universal, suitable for all car brands

Working Lifespan: 50000 hours

Certification: CE, Rohs

Warning: The installation of this kit is recommended to be installed by a licensed professional .the improper installation of this kit will void all warranties.

Please read the following instructions thoroughly before installing it.

1.       First using a tape measure, measure the lip under your trucks tailgate to ensure there is enough clearance to mount your tailgate light bar.

2.       Following your trucks owner’s manual, carefully remove the tailgate from your truck.

3.       Use the included 3M tape to temporarily mount the LED light bar to your trucks tailgate.

4.       Using a 1/8th drill bit, pre drill the four mounting holed into your trucks tailgate, this will make the following step much easier.

5.       Securely mount the tailgate light bar to your truck using a drill and provided screws.

6.       Run the power wire with flat 4pin connector behind your bumper and to your trucks flat 4pin connection. You may need to secure the slack in the wire so that it does not hang below the bumper.

If your purchased LED Tailgate light Bar with Reverse Light Option proceed with your installation using the flowing steps:

1.       Carefully remove one of your tail light assemblies.

2.       Power your truck on and pit it into reverse, So that your factory reverse lights are illuminated. It is imperative that you set the parking brake.

3.       Return a volt meter, find the positive 12volt wire that powers your reverse light.

4.       Using a volt meter , find the positive 12volt wire that powers your reverse light.

5.       Once you have found your factory reverse light wire , use a wire stripper to cut and strip the wire.

6.       Run the light bar’s whiter reverse wire to your factory reverse wire.

7.       Use a butt connector to connect the tailgate bar’s white reverse wire to the trucks factory reverse wire. You can also solder or use a 3M tape connector to secure this connection.

8.       Now you can re-install your tail light assembly and tailgate. And test your tailgate light bare to full functionality.

9.       Please don’t connect it on the flasher of vehicle.


Flat 4 Pin Connector Diagram:

Red Wire: Running lamp (5+1)

Green Wire: Left Turn Signal(scanning from middle to left)&Brake Light (5+2)

Yellow Wire: Right Turn Signal(scanning from middle to right)& Brake Light(5+3)

White Wire: Brake Lamp(5+4)

Gray Wire: Ground  ( 5 )

Friendly Tips:
1. Please make sure your car has the four prong plug before buying, if not,you need to buy an adapter to make it work. 
2. Please make sure your car fit the Length of 60 inches,and don’t cut the strip.

Package includes: 
1pcs Tailgate Light


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