How to pair the 17 Key RGB controller with remote?



1 TO 1 PAIR: If you have bought more than one set, and need one controller respond to one remote only? Please do as follows: 

  1. Only turn on one set of puck lights and make sure other sets are plug off. (take off the rest plugs to ensure there is no electricity going through other controllers)
  2. Press “color-”and “bright-”buttons on the remote at the same time until lights are flickering.

Then the first remote will pair the first puck lights only.

  1. Plug off the first set of puck lights that have already been set. Then turn on the second set.
  2. Press “color-”and “bright-” buttons on the second remote at the same time until lights are flicker

Then the second remote will control the second set of puck lights only.


1 TO MULTIPLE PAIR: Need two controllers respond the same to 1 remote? Please do as follows:

First, turn on all the puck lights.

Second, press the white button in the center until all the lights flash.

Then the remote will be able to control all the two sets.


Note: the remote will be able to pair with both controllers, but they may not react to the remote simultaneously because two controllers would be easily interrupted by each other. 

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