Mirror lights for bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom, enjoy a DIY fun.

Mirror lights

Mirror lights

Hollywood vanity mirror bulbs, a kind of functional lights, designed to stick on mirrors for skincare, dress up and makeup, could be a great helper for excellent beauty routine completion with little budget.

To accomplish an exquisite makeup, requires unique aesthetic tastes, professional tools and skills. In addition to that, vanity lighting is necessary. If want to achieve the best lighting effect with a small amount of budget, vanity mirror bulbs are the perfect kit to choose. They are not so expensive like Hollywood vanity mirrors, while can illuminate the same soft and not dazzling daylight color to ensure the face and skin be shown naturally in the mirror when making up.

There are several types like plug in style, USB style, different bulbs QTY for different mirror sizes, etc. Stick them to mirrors in bedroom, dressing room, or bathroom and enjoy a DIY fun. It’s easy, interesting, and necessary for each mirror!

Grid List
Linkable LED Makeup Mirror Lights(2700K/4000K/6000K, Plug in, 10Bulbs)

$29.00 from $19.99

  • 16W, 2700K Warmwhite
  • 16W, 4000K Natural white
  • 16W, 6000K Daylight white
Linkable LED Makeup Mirror Lights(2700K/4000K/6000K, Plug in, 18Bulbs)

$46.25 from $27.00

  • 4000K Natural White
  • 2700K Warmwhite
  • 6000K Daylight white

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