Best AIBOO Puck Lights

Best AIBOO Puck Lights

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Puck lights are a great solution to put the spotlight on your favorites or add some brightness to hallways without the use of tools or complicated installations.


Conveniently place your LED puck lighting wherever you need it most, while also experimenting with light design around the home. With these under-cabinet lights, you’ll create a pleasant difference in the ambiance of your home and enhance your current decor with the simplicity of brightness.


When placed under cabinets, LED puck lights create a sophisticated look that adds brightness to an otherwise dark space in your home. Use puck lights in closets to gain greater visibility of your storage items or to have more fun while picking out your outfits. You can even direct the attention to artwork and make your home feel like a cosmopolitan art gallery, with a simple yet noticeable upgrade in your lighting.



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Remote Control Puck Lights

With 10 brightness levels, you decide the intensity of the light and create a warm, comfortable ambiance anywhere without drilling any holes.

Let the super-bright light shine with the AIBOO LED Puck Light. Ideal for closets or to create dramatic lighting under the counter, these 180-lumens LEDs are super bright and practical without being too harsh. Turn them on and off with the manual on/off inline switch or remote for greatest convenience.


Harewired or Plug in puck lights

This is a great solution to remodel your kitchen cabinet. Place all the lights in a workbench or counter display for even lighting and safety. Plug in to the socket, or wired the cables directly to the electrical outlet.


Battery Powered Puck Lights


The multiangle LEDs provide up to 50 hours of brightness and pivot to where you need the light.

Stick it on anywhere, switch color between 4000K and 6000K for different atmosphere,best night light for your closet,wardrobe,the necessary illumination for children care night light


Motion Sensor Puck Lights

Turn on the lights automatically when detect the human movement for the range of 120deg. auto off after 20 seconds. Changing the lights once two weeks.


Color Changing Puck Lights

Not only white lights, color changing is the great decoration for the holiday party.Provide just the right amount of ambience.

  • Smooth - light changes from red and cycle through all the color options
  • Fade - light is dimmable gradually to the min and strengthen to the max


Recessed LED Puck Lights

Ultra thin and lightweight makes it can fits narrow places on your RV, boat, motorhome, camper, cabinet, etc

For RV and boat interiors, can be powered directly by a 12-volt battery, 12VDC

With the lights, you will elegantly create spaces within your home, highlight your favorite display items, or provide greater visibility in dark spots. Make your home more efficient and give your space a boost with the convenience of puck lights.

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