Puck lights compatible with wall dimmers


Most of AIBOO Lights were controlled by the remote included, and the puck lights could be dim by the remote.

while most family installed dimmable outlet like Lutron or Leviton dimmer switch etc. 

How to dim the puck lights with the wall dimmer switch but the remote?

It is necessary to replace a dimmable transformer.

So we have two types of dimmer transformer to fit with the wall dimmer switch. 


 120VAC Input 12VDC OUT PUT 6 watt triac dimmable transformer 


120VAC Input 24VDC OUT PUT 20 watt triac dimmable transformer 




120VAC Input 12VDC OUT PUT 20 watt triac dimmable transformer 




120VAC Input 12VDC OUT PUT 50 watt triac dimmable transformer  


what you need is to get rid of the controller. connect the transformer with the puck lights directly.



Please ensure the transformer could not be over load.

Please ensure the output voltage of the transformer should be equal to the voltage of the puck lights.

Our range of Dimmable Drivers are the ultimate solution in any of your 12vdc LED lighting projects and are compatible with most Lutron and Leviton dimmer switches, just try it.



  • You may remove the remote and connect the transformer with the light directly. just bear in mind that the power adapter should not be over load, 2 lights, i think 6w transformer will be enough. and 5 lights, choosing our 12w dimmable transformer will be ok

  • Hi, I have existing direct wire under cabinet lights in my kitchen and I am looking to replace them with the Aiboo puck lights (warm white 2700K). I have existing light switches (Lutron dimmer switches) that turn the lights on/off and dim and I’d like to continue to use these switches to control the Aiboo puck lights. Two questions: 1.) I do not need the remote control, can I install the lights w/o it? 2.) Which dimmer transformer would I need for this application for direct wire? I will have two sets of lights that will be controlled by different switches — 1switch will control 5 lights and the other switch will control 2 lights. Thanks!

    Kurt K

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